ADAS Calibration

Arizona Wheel Service Plus has added ADAS Calibration to the service list. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The service is completed with the Autel Macisys IA900WA Wheel Alignment & ADAS Calibration Package.

The MaxiSYS IA900WA Wheel Alignment and ADAS calibration system allows for the completion of a four-wheel alignment and ADAS component calibration. Arizona Wheel Service Plus ADAS Calibration covers U.S., Asian and European vehicles. 

How it Works

Six high-resolution positioning and tracking cameras in the frame automatically monitor vehicle height on the shoplift. Robotic frame movement for efficient use and alignment reading accuracy to 0.02 degrees for precise alignments.

ADAS Calibration is required for vehicles after some major service visits, auto body work, or accessory additions.

These can be services like: After a Minor Collision, Collision Repair, Windshield or Side View Mirror Replacement, Sensor/Mounting Bracket Replacement, Suspension Repairs, Wheel Alignments, Change in Ride Height or Tire Size, Front Airbag Deployment if Deflected Off Windshield, Related Trouble Codes, or ADAS Related Technical Saftey Bulletins.

Common ADAS Systems & What they Do

Various systems are present on many new automotive brands and models. With this, comes new challenges throughout the vehicle’s service life. ADAS systems are a critical part of the vehicle’s function and the occupant’s safety.

Below you will find information related to the sensors and systems that ADAS covers and are commonly found on most newer vehicles. 

ACC – Adaptive Cruise Control

Adjusts Vehicle Speed to Maintain a Safe Distance with Vehicles Ahead

AVM – Around View Monitoring

Provides 360-Degree, Bird’s-Eye View to Help Drivers Park more Easily

RCW – Rear Collision Warning

Warns the Driver of Vehicles Coming Close to the Rear of the Vehicle

LDW – Lane Departure Warning

Warns Driver When the Vehicle Drifts Out of Their Lane

APA – Automated Parking Assist

Provides Audible, Visual, or Haptic Obstruction Warnings During Low-Speed Parking Maneuvers

LIDAR – Light Imaging Detection

Detects Objects in the Vehicle Vacinity to Create a 3D Map of Objects and Surroundings

NVS – Night Vision Systems

Improves a Driver’s Vision in Darkness or Poor Weather

BDS – Blind Spot Detection

Detects and Warns Driver of Vehicles in Either the Driver or Passenger Rear Corners (Blind Spot)

PD – Pedestrian Detection

Alerts the Driver to the Presence of a Pedestrian In-Front of their Vehicle

TSR – Traffic Sign Recognition

Recognizes Traffic Sign Info and Visually Relays it to the Driver

ADAS Calibration FAQ

With new systems, comes new questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How Often does my Vehicle need ADAS Calibration?

ADAS Calibration should be completed regularly. Vehicle Manufacturers recommend that the ADAS systems be checked just as frequently as other routine maintenance items.

Do I need ADAS Calibration After a Windshield Replacement?

It is recommended to have ADAS systems recalibrated after each windshield replacement. This is due to the sensors being attached to the windshield and windshield alignment on the vehicle.

Some issues can arise with a windshield replacement and warnings with the ADAS system.

How Long does ADAS Calibration take?

ADAS Calibration can usually be completed within 2 hours. This can be extended if the vehicle has additional features that are part of the calibration.

This service can usually be completed at the same time as other routine maintenance items like tire rotations, oil changes, fluid changes, and other similar services.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration Scottsdale, Arizona

ADAS Calibration is an important function in new vehicles. At Arizona Wheel Service Plus, we use industry-leading products and tools to make sure you are covered on each journey.  Contact us today to schedule a ADAS Calibration Service in Scottsdale, and we shall be happy to serve you. 

Image Credit / AUTEL / Maxisys-IA900WA

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