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The mechanics of a car are difficult to comprehend for first-time drivers. And one mechanical part of a vehicle that’s sure to give you sleepless nights is the car’s automotive air conditioning system.


A defective automotive air conditioner can be challenging to repair and diagnose. Usually, the first sign that your AC is in awful shape is if it’s not blowing off cold air, meaning that air is leaking or that the A/C compressor doesn’t engage automatically with the AC system as it should.

Remember, your car’s air conditioning system takes the humidity and heat out of the air and converts it into cold air. When this flow is interrupted, problems are likely to arise.


So, how do you keep your car’s automated AC in good shape? Here’s the good news.


Our qualified and well-trained staff are well-adept with the required skills for automotive AC repair for any vehicle. They go above and beyond to ensure you receive the best professional service.


How, you might ask?

Keep reading and learn from the experts.

Auto AC Diagnostics & Repair Arizona​

Automotive AC repair can include various tasks ranging from small to complex, depending on the damage. In our 30 years of being in the automobile industry, we have found out there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fix auto a/c repair issues and that the minor details matter. We follow a proven step-by-step mechanical process to fix a vehicle’s automated air conditioning system. Here’s the breakdown: Certified ASE Technicians: We get you one of our qualified technicians to assess your issue.
  1. Evaluate system pressure readings.
  2. Our technicians inspect the air conditioner’s internal parts, such as the hose, compressor drive belts, and more.
  3. We assess the temperature, which determines the level of cooling performance.
  4. We provide recommendations on parts that need fixing.
  5. Finally, we offer pocket-friendly automotive AC repair services.

Auto AC Recharge Services

Let’s start by understanding why a car’s AC recharge is paramount to the ‘well-being’ of any vehicle. We will introduce a new mechanical concept in the automobile world: refrigerant. A refrigerant performs two vital functions:
  1. Cooling a car’s internal air. Please note that this has two effects:
    1. If the AC system loses a little pressure, it will not cool the air like before.
    2. If the AC system loses a lot of pressure, it malfunctions and stops recycling air due to low pressure.
  2. Ensure there’s enough pressure to blow air through the AC system.
  3. Now that we have the technical details, how can you tell if your car’s AC needs to be recharged?
When to Recharge Your AC
  • Your car cabin is warmer than usual, and running the fan does nothing to ease the internal heat.
  • Visible refrigerant spills.
  • The AC clutch doesn’t engage when you switch on the air conditioner.

Your A/C Problems Are No Problem for Us

Who doesn’t enjoy the cool breezy air of a car’s AC system, especially in the middle of a hot summer when you’re out on a road trip? We know how amazing that feeling is, and we want to ensure you keep enjoying it. Whatever the reason, it’s imperative that you visit our shop in Scottsdale for Auto AC Repair . Our staff will assess your AC system and provide recommendations. 

Auto AC Repair Near Me

Your search for the best automotive AC repair technicians in Arizona is over. We are well-qualified to handle all your needs, whether a Freon leak, AC performance testing or a random AC checkup. In addition, we offer other services such as wheel repair, tire refinishing, and upholstery at pocket-friendly prices. You can browse our services catalog for more information. Still not sure whether you’re making the right deal Contact us today, and we will tell you why you should choose Arizona Wheel Service Plus.      

Location – Where is Arizona Wheel Service?

We’re a local business located conveniently in Scottsdale, AZ.

Our staff is happy to help you with any vehicle needs you have! Contact us today for pricing details, or for any questions you might have about our auto services.


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