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Ceramic coating is the ultimate shield that maximizes your car’s shine and gloss. The coat allows your car, SUV, or truck to maintain the same high-quality paint in its lifetime. But the secret to getting it right is using high-quality products like Ceramic Pro. 

How can I get a paint correction and a ceramic coat near me? If this is your question, Arizona Wheel Service Plus in Scottsdale and the Phoenix areas are the place to visit. We extend our auto repair services beyond tires, wheels, and comprehensive upholstery to refinishing and painting rims. Keep reading to know why you need to bring your car to Arizona Wheel Service Plus for a ceramic coat today. 


Next time you think about a ceramic coat near me, think about us. Our experts use Ceramic Pro products to provide ultimate protection to your vehicle for the durability and resilience of its paint. 

Ceramic Pro forms a permanent protective layer on the surface of your car through molecular bonds, where it fills all the pores and creates a hydrophobic surface. The resulting layer has 9H properties and is clear, like your car’s factory coat. It makes your vehicle 3 to 5 times stronger, with a better shine and gloss, easing cleaning, maintenance, and resistance to scratches and different corrosive matters. 

Looking For The Ultimate Vehicle Protection?

Why should I seek a ceramic coat near me? If you are still unsure that you need ceramic protection on your vehicle, this might be in your mind, but we have detailed answers for you in the next few sections. 


A ceramic coat with Ceramic Pro products will create a barrier between your car and the destructive elements from the surroundings, which will bar possible oxidation and corrosion on the surface. 


Exposure of your Car to UV light causes aging of the paint. But you can apply Ceramic Pro on the surface to offer protection against this exposure, keeping your car shining and with the same glossiness. 


Extreme temperatures can damage your can paint. However, Ceramic Pro has nanotechnology intended to shield the surface from the damaging effects of extreme coldness or heat conditions from the surroundings. 


The chemicals that can damage and corrode your pain include bases, acids, and solvents. We recommend a ceramic coat service to resist these chemicals and protect your vehicle against any damages they may cause. 


Paint correction and ceramic coating reinforce the strength of your car’s surface. Indeed, it is the reason you should think of a ceramic coat near me today because it will protect your car from light scratches. 

When buying or maintaining your vehicle, safety is paramount to you and your passengers. Ceramic Pro is safe and non-toxic, designed with modern technology for the ultimate protection of your car’s surface with zero harm to people. 


Most people ask us about the Ceramic Pro, while others want to know how ceramic coating works or how much it will cost to have the service. We shall answer these questions for you below. 

What is Ceramic Pro?

A Ceramic Pro is a clear multi-layer nano-ceramic liquid that cures on the surface of a car into a permanent, durable and flexible glass shield. In simple terms, it is an additional coat with 3 to 5 times hardness to protect your car paint and facilitate easy cleaning. 

How Does Automotive Ceramic Coating Work?

An automotive ceramic service adds a layer of protection to your car paint, reducing UV light oxidation, shielding against scratches, and stopping corrosive chemicals from damaging the paint. You are also unlikely to get a ceramic wrap with this protection. 

How Much Does Ceramic Coating Cost?

The ceramic coating cost depends on the state of your paintwork, the type of ceramic coating you want, and your car size. The cost will usually range between $1500 and $3000. 

Automotive Ceramic Coating in Scottsdale

Ceramic coating services are the ultimate solution for your car paint protection. At Arizona Wheel Service Plus, we use Ceramic Pro Products to give resilience, strength, and a maintained appearance to your car. Contact us today to schedule a ceramic coating service in Scottsdale, and we shall be happy to serve you. 


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Ceramic Coating Services in Phoenix, AZ

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