Wheel Repair Services​

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Alloy wheel repair is our specialty here at Arizona Wheel Service Plus. Let our expert technicians restore your wheels to their pristine showroom condition. We can refinish and repair your wheels from:

  • Curb damage
  • Cosmetic imperfections
  • Dull/peeling finish
  • Mounting damage
  • Scratched wheels
  • Acid/detailing stains


We specialize in cosmetic refinishing and repairing for all makes and models with factory-painted wheels. Our technicians can restore and repair your factory wheels to a pristine condition at a fraction of the replacement cost. We guarantee all our clients quality, fast, and affordable service. Contact us today for our expert rim repair services in Scottsdale. 


Professional Alloy Wheel Refinishing and Restoration Services

If you notice your rims are showing signs of old age or wear and tear, let our experts at Arizona Wheel Service Plus restore your wheels with our rim refinishing service. Wheels naturally pick up cracks, scuffs, and chips as they roll through rough surfaces, curbs, etc. We can make your rims look brand new with a little TLC. 


Wheel Straightening Services

If you feel like your steering wheel is wobbling or your tires are uneven, your wheels may likely have been buckled or bent. In that case, you will require expert wheel straightening services. 


Wheel straightening starts with a thorough inspection to ensure the rims can be repaired. Our technicians will take a close look at the tire to assess the severity of the damage and assess whether it is safe to apply pressure on the bends. 


Once the safety inspection is complete, we can repair your wheels. We use a rim straightening machine that applies pressure to the bent region. The straightening process targets several angles, expertly handling the rim to straighten the wheel.


If you want any changes made to the rims, we have an expert wheel refinishing service that can implement the changes you want. In the case of remounted tires, a balance test will be carried out to ensure you have a safe driving experience free of vibrations. The process is relatively quick and cheaper than buying new tires. 


Driving with even one bent tire for a while can lead to serious suspension and steering issues. However, most drivers avoid getting their rims straightened if there are no immediate signs of trouble. Some of the reasons to get your wheels straightened include:

  • Loss of tire pressure
  • The risk that suspension will get damaged
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Severe tire wear
  • Tire blowout


Wheel Repair FAQ

How Do I Know if My Rim is Cracked or Bent?

It’s easy to tell there is a crack or bend if it is visible to the human eye. However, this is rarely the case. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • A feeling that one or more wheels are not balanced
  • A steering wheel that wobbles
  • A tire that is constantly losing air 


What is OEM Wheel Restoration and Repair?

At Arizona Wheel service, we remove and repair any cosmetic damage on the lip and face of your alloy factory-painted wheels.


What Type of Wheels Do We Repair?

We specialize in repairing and refinishing factory-painted OEM wheels, and we can also fix most other types of wheels that have sustained damage. We must thoroughly inspect the wheels to determine the time frame and cost of wheel repair. 


How Do We Restore and Repair Your OEM Wheels?

We grind out and then sand down the damage to your wheels. We then prep and refinish the wheels’ surface to an exquisite factory finish. 


Can Any Type of Damage Be Repaired?

Nearly all damaged rims can be fixed. However, if the damage is too severe that it would be cheaper to replace your wheels, we will let you know upfront. 


Alloy Wheel Repair & Refinishing in Scottsdale

Arizona Wheel Service Plus is the best alloy wheel repair and refinishing service in Arizona. Our expert technicians are good at fixing damaged wheels and returning them to that pristine factory condition. Contact us today to learn more about our alloy wheel repair services.

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